Grupo musical afro-puertorriqueño/ Afro Puerto Rican music band

Hector Atabal needs your help but not through Go Fundme…why?

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He creado una cuenta  con el propósito de recaudar fondos para  tratamiento y trasplante de médula ósea. Como muchos saben, los costos de la medicina,  gastos asociados a tratamientos médicos y recuperación son increíblemente altos.  Ya comencé el tratamiento de quimio y en los próximos  meses  espero someterme al trasplante.  Mi mayor deseo es poder seguir trabajando como músico y proveer para a mi familia. Para lograr esto tengo que mejorar mi salud.  Gracias a todas las personas que me han ayudado, llamado y visitado. Este apoyo me hace sentir querido.

Sometimes when it rains it pours.
I have created a Go fund me account with the purpose of raising funds for my bone marrow treatment and transplantation. As many of you know, the costs of medicine, expenses associated with medical treatments and recovery are incredibly high.  I began chemo treatment and in the coming months I hope to undergo the transplant. I wish to be able to continue working as a musician and to provide for my family. To achieve this I have to improve my health.  Thanks to all of you who have helped me through donations, calls and visits. I have felt the love.


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Check Atabal's blog for information about the band and its musicians.

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