Grupo musical afro-puertorriqueño/ Afro Puerto Rican music band

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Atabal – Hasta que Amanezca

Letra y música: David Marrero    Arreglo: Javier Rodríguez Curet                            ©2016
18 de mayo de 2016 San Juan, Puerto Rico 

      Hasta Que Amanezca trata de lo que le sucedió a alguien que decide invitar a sus amigos a una fiesta a su casa posteándolo en Facebook. ¿Pero lo que sucedió es real o imaginado?  Usted sabrá.

HQA tiene elementos latinos (el” brass”, cencerro en salsa);  caribeños (barriles, guícharo);  urbanos (las rimas, el “flow de dancehall” en el principio de la voz) y elementos de pop (La mezcla de la voz).  David Marrero grabó y mezcló Hasta que amanezca. Ha compuesto con y para David Rodríguez Labault “Sie7e” y es un destacado percusionista.

Próximamente saldrá un video grabado y dirigido por William “Pipo.Exe” que es  músico, director, fotógrafo y diseñador gráfico. Es, además, miembro de varias reconocidas agrupaciones musicales puertorriqueñas: Sie7e, Siloé, y Puerto Rico Dubstep Crew. Ha dirigido videos musicales para Kany García, ganadora de un Grammy Latino, y la banda Da’Zoo, bajo el sello Sony Music.

       HASTA QUE AMANEZCA se consigue a través de CdBaby, ITunes, SoundCloud, Amazon MP3, Spotify, Tidal, IHeart  y otras compañías digitales en Internet.


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He’s home

P1010965 (2)After spending 3 weeks in the hospital for  an autologous stem cell transplant (procedure in which blood-forming stem cells (cells from which all blood cells develop) are removed, stored, and later given back to the same person), Hector aka Atabal is back at home.  Counting down the 100 days after the transplant is part of the process. Rest, lots of healthy eating to get back the weight lost – close to 40 pounds- and tender loving care from friends and family are making the  hibernation doable.

What comes next?  After the 100 days, if all goes well as we hope,  Hector begins a two-year maintenance program with his hematologist that consists of  more chemo (revlimid) and other medications. It’s a long and expensive process but we’re hopeful that it will go well and that he will eventually be able to get back to what he likes, playing and talking about music. Heck, maybe he’ll even write another book!


Hector presents his book on Arsenio Rodriguez last year as part of Cuba Disco.


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Héctor Atabal Rodríguez: GoFundMe

It’s been 4 days since the transplant and everything’s happening as expected. Tired and and with little or no appetite but forcing myself to eat out of necessity. At least 24 more days to go in the hospital. Can’t play but I can listen to music on the radio.

I ‘m also up to date with Atabal’s recent band presentations in Hatillo and Barranquitas through photos and videos. Looking forward to getting back on stage.