Perhaps you haven’t heard…Atabal’s latest

Atabal establishes itself with Perhaps Perhaps….yes a well known song by Cuban Osvaldo Farre first sung by Bobby Capo in the 40s.

Atabal’s version has Caymmi Rodríguez’s musical sense and in keeping with the group’s origins of experimenting with sounds and rhythms.

Atabal has been around since 1983 when Héctor Rodríguez and 3 other percussionists organized it. Caymmi is Héctor’s son. Singer, songwriter, percussionist and now full-time director.

In this remake of Quizás Quizás, the rhythm played by the Puerto Rican Bomba drums is Cuembe and Hoyo Mula, the timbas (conga drums) are Cuban Son and Rumba, while the bass and piano do their thing in Jamaican reggae.

This mixture of rhythms isn’t new to Atabal it’s a continuation of what they do adding in an urban vibe to the fusion. Previous recordings 2020/21 that follow this stage of the group are: Bajamos Duro and Ondea Bandera- also on YouTube and other social media sites.

Percussionist and singer Amarylis “Ama” Ríos is featured here. She is well known for her all female group Emina and as percussionist/director for Tego Calderón.

Caymmi Rodríguez and Ama Ríos during recent live. Photo by Luis “Cabe” Benitez
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